Boost your Immune System with Massage Therapy

There are so many benefits to massage therapy that it is hard to know where to start.  There are benefits to one’s mind and body.  It can help a person deal with stress, by helping them relax and help one achieve a more positive frame of mind.  It can also be beneficial in easing a person’s anxiety and depression as well.  Naturally massage helps with tension and stiffness in the body. It also serves to help a person increase their flexibility while increasing their blood circulation.  Most know these benefits, but few know that you can also boost your immune system with massage therapy.

When someone has a massage it can also stimulate the body to produce more white cells and natural killer cells.  These cells are what enable the body to better fight off invading organisms that will harm or destroy one’s immune system. It is vital that everyone work to keep their immune system in top form.  It is the barrier between being healthy and living a life full of disease and sickness.  This is true with minor ailments such as a cold or flu and diseases that are much more serious and longer lasting. Another way a massage can help is by lowering one’s cortisol levels.  Cortisol is a necessary hormone, but when one has too much it can cause negative reactions in the body. Recent studies that when the body is in this negative state, it can lower the effectiveness of the immune system. Massage can help limit its production and therefore reduce the negative effects. Massage works by increasing the blood flow and lymph flow to all the systems in one’s body and this is especially beneficial in terms of one’s immune system.

Finding ways to boost one’s immune system is one of the most important ways one can stay healthy. The immune system is what allows one to stay healthy. It fights the organisms that are trying to weaken the body with disease or infection.  One should do all that they can to help keep this system in top form so that it can keep the body healthy and infection free. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Terra Organic Spa will work with you to ascertain your physical and mental needs and then develop a plan to help you reach your goals.


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