Coconut Oil for Skin Care

Using coconut oil for skin care may be an ideal solution to a person’s skincare issues.  Most commercial skin care products on the market today are made primarily of water. Water is a great short-term solution for dry or wrinkled skin.  It is quickly soaked into the skin and then as the tissues expand, wrinkles fade and skin feels softer and it appears smoother.  The problem is that this same water is then quickly evaporated or absorbed into the blood stream and the skin returns to its prior condition.  Because of this many products use some form of oil as well.

There are many types of oil that can be used, but unless the oil is made up of antioxidants then the effect to the skin might not be seen or worse yet, it can make things worse. Refined oils can lead to free radical production, which can break down skin fibers and turn skin dry and leathery. The only oils that have the needed antioxidants to fight this are unrefined oils such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is actually absorbed into the skin and when using virgin coconut oil the antioxidants it contains can actually stop the production of free radicals rather than prompt their production. By doing this it works to heal the damage done in the past and also protects the skin from new damage. This can result in skin that looks healthier, more radiant and also more youthful.

By using coconut oil for skin care, one can also help to keep blemishes such as liver spots from developing.  Since coconut oil can be absorbed into the skin, it works to keep skin from becoming saggy or wrinkled, by keeping the connective tissues strong. Coconut oil is also useful in removing dead skin cells.  This can give skin a healthier look, making it radiant which is what everyone wants from their skin.

Coconut oil is ideal for skin care because it not only absorbs easily but it gets down into the deeper layers of the skin.  This can help skin feel soft yet not greasy.  Coconut oil is also use for in keeping fungus at bay, as well as soothes and helps to heal skin that in inflamed or to wounds or blisters.  Another valuable resource of coconut oil is the smell.  Unlike many commercial products coconut oil has a natural scent that can help one feel fresh and energetic.  It comes directly from the oil and nothing could be more natural than that. To find products and spa services utilizing coconut oil visit Terra Organic Spa.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil


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