What are the benefits of fresh ingredients for facial and body treatments?

Using fresh ingredients for facial and body treatments can result in better looking skin! The reason for this is simple, fresh ingredients and foods contain fewer chemicals than many beauty products.  Chemical have been proven in many ways to be bad for a person to digest, but by using these chemicals on one’s skin it is in some ways just a different form of digestion.

In one day a normal person applies over 200 chemicals to their skin through the skin care products they use. These chemicals do not just stay on the skin’s surface, but nearly 60% of these chemicals are absorbed into one’s bloodstream. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so in effect, by using chemically produced products one is putting chemicals directly on an organ of the body.  No one wants to do that! Chemicals absorbed through the skin have been known to lead to cancers, birth defects and a host of other issues. This is why using fresh ingredients for facial and body treatments is so much better for a person.

The face is the part of the body most people seem to be worried about when it comes to skin care. It is what defines the beauty and healthiness of a person more than any other area of the body.  This makes the use of fresh ingredients and food for facial treatments very important to a person. By using fresh ingredients and food rather than chemicals for one’s facials they are taking care of their skin in a more natural way. This causes the skin to respond better, it helps to keep it more balanced.  Whereas chemicals can take care of certain issues, it usually puts the skin out of balance and will result in other problems either with the skin or other parts of the body

There are also the benefits of using fresh ingredients for treatments in terms of how one feels and looks. Using fresh ingredients in a facial or body treatment can result in a fresher feel to the skin.  The scents that are natural can trigger a feeling of well being and calmness to the body and to the mind.  Skin looks healthier and rejuvenated and in most cases it appears younger as well. By using fresh ingredients, one is able to remove the toxins from the skin and avoid replacing them with others from the chemicals in the skin care products. This can leave a person feeling great and looking radiant. Contact http://www.terraorganicspa.com for more information about treatments made with fresh ingredients!


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