winter skin

Maybe it’s all the shoveling in this cold snowy weather, winter skin has arrived! What do we do to keep our skin happy through out the long months of bundling up? Let’s keep it simple and healthy! Along with making sure we drink enough water healthy exfoliation and a good moisturizer help tremendously!


A healthy exfoliation for your face can bring back your glow!

Gentle Cleansing Scrub, formulated for sensitive and dry skin, uses organic sugar and organic honey to exfoliate the skin, and utilizes the healing powers of frankincense and lavender to soothe irritated or inflamed skin. It will exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate the skin in one step and leave your with a healthy glow!

For everywhere else!

As seen in Organic Spa Magazine!

Generously apply Vintage Lavender Whipped Sugar Scrub to your skin to exfoliate and hydrate the your skin. A skin smoothing mix of shea butter, vanilla,Vitamin E, and both Lavender oil and flowers.





Bring balance to the most sensitive skin!

Ultimate Skin & Eye Cream is hand blended with healing, rich organic oils like aloe vera, shea butter, rosehip, kukui and carrot seed oil. These oils have anti-aging qualities to regenerate the skin tissue and prevent wrinkles. Antioxidants like Blueberry Fruit Extract, Vitamin C & E are hand infused into this cream to help prevent sun damage. If you have wrinkles, dry skin, or just want to balance the moisture in your skin you have found the right cream!

Hands, feet and body need moisture too!

Apply Lemon Grove Shea Butter Lotion liberally to hands, feet and body to moisturize and nourish the skin. Nutrient-rich organic pomegranate seed oil and honey will leave skin glowing and velvety soft. This is a luxurious, creamy, hydrating  lotion made from organic ingredients including organic aloe, organic shea butter, organic soybean oil, organic honey, with a refreshing yet earthy lemon scent.

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