Organic Perfume

Angel Face Botanical Organic Perfume

100% Natural & Preservative Free Botanical Fragrances

Angel Face Botanical Organic Perfumes are deeply infused with magical energies. They are infused scents made with botanical essences chosen for both scent and esoteric properties. Drop by precious drop, botanical essences have been added, allowed to age and synergize into a complex natural perfume. They will continue to evolve, deepen and richen with age, which is a wonderful quality. Time and meditative intention have encouraged a deep synergy of these heady, luxurious botanicals to form richly layered, positively unique scents for your enjoyment.


Natural, Oil-based and Crème perfumes are different from alcohol-based scents as they blend into your skin in an earthy and sensual manner, melding with your own scent, thus becoming a scent unique to you. Natural perfumes are a discreet way to wear a scent as it will scent you and an intimate space around you, rather than the entire room. Apply to your pulse points and the layers of the scent come alive, warming and blending into your skin.

Terra Spa Boutique features Organic Skin & Body Care! Shop ONLINE or at your next visit.
We are proud to offer you only the best products and services that are pure, natural and organic.


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