Massage Cupping

Egyptians BOG

Massage Cupping is a technique that can be found in ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Massage Cupping has an important place in today’s healing world as well. This treatment creates incredible results! It is impressive how versatile Massage Cupping is and how it can be modified to treat a range of conditions.

Conditions that benefit from Massage Cupping include; Fibromyalgia, inflammatory conditions, sciatica, poor circulation, insomnia, lung congestion/inflammation, stagnant lymph, migraines and headaches,asthma and pneumonia, TMJ, chronic pain, plantar fascitis, athletic stress and injury, pre and post operative conditions.

Massage Cupping does not irritate the skin or body. It draws inflammation out bringing circulation to the surface. Increasing local blood supply to the muscles which brings nourishment and allow toxins to be carried away via the veins. Chronic and acute pain can be relieved and tension is softened quickly and easily.

Whether you are an athlete, have chronic pain from working at your computer, or need to relax from muscle tension Massage Cupping is a wonderful addition to your health care.

What clients are saying:

“It (massage cupping) melts away my muscle tension and replaces it with better range of motion and relaxed muscles.”

“I noticed it didn’t take a half hour after I woke up to work out the kinks. I had chalked up morning aches and pains as the normal effects of getting older. As time went on, I could do some serious gardening without feeling like a truck hit me the next day.”


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