ARTEMIS Hand Forged Copper Jewelry

Artemis Jewelry is designed, hand forged and created by Renee Bennett and her daughter, Samantha Zimnock. They are artists who specialize in metalsmithing, each piece is unique.  Styles range from large, bold pieces to delicate, complex, whimsical wire and artwork. Together, they create the unique wearable artisan jewelry that is Artemis.

Copper is a beautiful metal which is making a comeback in the fashion industry. It was the first metal discovered by Prehistoric Man and copper beads dating to 9000 BC have been discovered in parts of modern day Iraq. Although they make no medical claims, copper has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as well as in the ancient Aztec civilization.

Artemis Folded Form Cuff

The color variations that you see in Artemis Jewelry are due to the use of fire or patinas to bring out details in the piece. The blue and green patinas take days to develop. They use a pencil torch to paint with fire and bring out all the colors of the rainbow. If untreated, Copper will patina or darken from age, reacting to your body chemistry as well due to oxidation. It is easily cleaned by soaking in lemon juice or simply polishing with a jewelry cloth. Some pieces are coated with a polish to preserve the finish. When you’re not wearing it, your copper jewelry should be stored in a treated flannel or plastic bag to prevent oxidation.

Metalsmithing is the art of forming metal through the use of fire and smiting or hammering. Artemis currently uses several types of blowtorches and a wide variety of hammers to create with copper. Many pieces are influences by Charles Lewton-Brain, a well known metal artist who invented the fold forming techniques we use. This wearable sculpture emphasizes forming using the metals characteristics and although crafted from a single piece of metal gives the illusion of multiple pieces. As they work a bracelet or pendant, often they let the shape reveal itself, rather than forcing it to be what they had envisioned. Embossed pieces are inspired by Art Deco, Steampunk and even ancient Egyptian and Mayan art.

The Tree of Life collection is coming soon, but currently only available by special order. Each Tree is one of a kind and takes many hours to complete. Artemis is also designing beautiful handmade purses adorned with copper art.

Artemis Jewelry is available at Terra Organic Spa and custom work is also available upon request. To place an order for Tree of Life Collection, send your contact info to


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