Three Treasures Qi Gong Workshop

The MERIDIAN MASSAGE INSTITUTE is bringing Tina Zhang to Ithaca!

Tina Zhang is the founder of Three Treasures Qi Gong. “The Three Treasures” is a practical Medical Qi Gong set, which Tina has recently introduced to the world that came from all years of her study, research, practice and teaching both in China and U.S.  The practice is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of cultivating the energy along the fourteen meridian channels to enhance the functions of the internal organs, to restore the positive energy that enable the practitioners to balance their unbalanced energy and easy the tension of many kinds of health problems, and enjoy healthier life.qi gong event flyer


Wondering What is Qi Gong?

For more information and to see other classes offered by the Meridian Massage Institute visit

To learn more about Tina Zhang and her studies visit


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