Athletes love Massage Therapy!

Last year I decided to explore how massage therapy might improve my recovery from hard training and racing, and help prevent injury. I started working with Rachel at Terra, and she has been using an integrative mix of sports massage, chinese cupping, and other techniques to address specific complaints I bring in each visit. My aches and pains are always moving, and Rachel adjusts her approach each visit to ‘keep up.’ I recently visited with a severe pain and muscle tightness in one shoulder that was limiting both arm and neck mobility. Rachel’s treatment cleared it right up.  I believe that working with Rachel at Terra played a significant part in helping me reach my 50-mile goal in a 12-hour ultra last May and hopefully successfully complete a 50-mile trail ultra next month. Massage is now fully integrated into my training regimen! I look forward to each visit to Terra, and always leave relaxed, refreshed, and often repaired. I recommend massage therapy and Terra Organic Spa to any athlete looking for the next level of recovery during peak training and pre- or post-event!Warming Up -Patrick McHenry

Learn more about the treatments that have helped Patrick reach his goals!



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