Aromatherapy Recipe: The Room Spray

Have you been intrigued with Aromatherapy but are not sure where to start? Start with something that fills a need you have. My mother was looking for a healthy alternative to those room sprays that are full of harmful chemicals.

This Sunday I spent the afternoon helping my mother, Mary discover her first aromatherapy recipe. We started with a simple creation, a Room Spray! She wanted something clean smelling and disinfecting to use in her kitchen. We started by pairing a couple essential oil bottle lids (if you are sensitive to fragrance this is a safer way to smell the scents) together to find out what combinations were her favorite. Rosemary and Mandarin smelled delicious together!

Mandarin is know for its disinfecting and deodorizing properties. Both Mandarin and Rosemary are used for preventing the cold and flu. These are great qualities for a room spray this time of year! Especially for the kitchen where everyone seems to congregate.

We added the following ingredients to a 2oz spray bottle and shook the contents to blend. It’s that simple!


2 oz of water

10 drops Mandarin essential oil

7 drops Rosemary essential oil

Make your own creation and share it with us! What are your favorite essential oil combinations? Have fun and enjoy! -Rachel, Founder of Terra Organic Spa



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